Tax Accounting

Support of accounting routines and management tools that help in the organization of the company.

We carry out calculations related to the company’s equity, PIS and COFINS, calculated profit and record of compensable taxes. This service is essential to keep control of the rates that affect the company, avoiding distortions in the calculation of taxes.

Specialized in Taxable Income and Accounting for International Companies IFRS and USGAAP.

Thus, the Operations Planning and its tax consequences become competitive conditions, including suggesting the incorporation or dismemberment of activities.

Why choose Tupi?


More than 40 years in the market, we know the way to help your business to grow.


We provide the accounting system to manage your company.


With financial operating expenses with salaries, equipment, systems and physical space.

Why choose Tupi?

Management Accounting, capable of providing fundamental information for decision-making. We will do the accounting at your company's headquarters, and our “accountant” consultant will be at your disposal; We can provide reports by cost center, audit cost accounting and inventory management, in addition to delivering all existing electronic ancillary obligations, such as ECD and ECF among many others.

Why Do I Need A Tax Accounting Firm?

Keeping tabs on a company's fiscal responsibilities is a task that requires specific knowledge. Therefore, Tupi, with its vast experience, is able to help you at this time while you are concerned with your core business. Together with the company administrator, Tupi will plan, manage and inspect the institution's accounts. In addition, it will also act as a guide for the actions of the administrator, avoiding tax evasion, property tampering and any other type of fraud.

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