Personal Income Tax 2022
Avoid sanctions. Leave your IRPF in the hands of those who understand!

Make your IRPF 2022 with experts.

Avoid the risk of falling into the fine mesh, making undue and high payments or having your CPF hunted by the Federal Revenue.

Our professionals are always up to date with respect to the rules of the Federal Revenue, preparing your declaration without the risk of errors and fines.

Trust our experts to make your statement assertively and free up your agenda to focus on other priorities.

We have a team of accountants who study your documentation and define the best option for you to pay less tax or, if possible, obtain the appropriate refund.

In addition to making your statement, we give tips for better results in future statements. And, in case of any problem with the Federal Revenue, we perform the defense*.
*​ Any notifications or retention in "fine mesh" with the Federal Revenue will be budgeted separately

If you received, in 2021, taxable income greater than BRL 28,559.70 or earned more than BRL 40,000 in exempt, non-taxable or taxable income, delivery is mandatory.

The deadline is from February to April 28, 2022.

How do we make your IR

  • We perform the screening and analysis of documents and information to be presented to the Federal Revenue Service;
  • We fill out the Declaration in the Federal Revenue program;
  • We transmit and issue the IRPF Declaration Delivery Receipt;
  • We issue DARF’s referring to the eventual balance of the tax payable, if applicable;
  • We immediately return the documents used in the IRPF Declaration to the customer.
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