Information Technology

Analysis of the software used by the company (ERP);

Process Mapping:

Analysis of the current scenario of the company;

Mapping of functions and activities of professionals and directors;

Technologic solutions;

Analysis of compatibility with Government Softwares;

Improvement suggestions.

Parameterization of Systems

Definition of parameters for registering products, customers, suppliers, withholding taxes and accounting entries;

Adequacy of the quality of the system tables: Codes and Nature of Operations, in the information generated.


Evaluation of security policies (Data, Systems and Network).

Development of systems and tools for selecting and formatting information, adjusting them to specific needs.

Accounting and Tax

Implementation of accounting and tax bookkeeping in the company’s environment;

Parameterization of the complementary Fixed Assets, Billing, Accounts Receivable / Payable modules;

Structuring of other fiscal and human resources modules.

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